QUOI Professioanl Make-Up

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BFSO1BMineral Sheer Tint - Light$69.00
BFSO2BMineral Sheer Tint - Medium$69.00
BFSO4BMineral Sheer Tint - Natural Glow$69.00
BFSO5BMineral Sheer Tint - Porcelain$69.00
BFSO6BMineral Sheer Tint - Cameo Glow$69.00
BFSO7BMineral Sheer Tint - Beach Glow$69.00
LPMF01CLiquid Powder Mineral Foundation - Linen$79.00
LPMF02CLiquid Powder Mineral Foundation - Cream Beige$79.00
LPMF07CLiquid Powder Mineral Foundation - Porcelain$79.00
LPMF03CLiquid Powder Mineral Foundation - Tender Beige$79.00
LPMF09CLiquid Powder Mineral Foundation - Cameo Beige$79.00
LPMF04CLiquid Powder Mineral Foundation - Vanilla Cream$79.00
LPMF05CLiquid Powder Mineral Foundation - Almond$79.00
LPMF06CLiquid Powder Mineral Foundation - Sandy Beige$79.00
LPMF08CLiquid Powder Mineral Foundation - Pale Beige$79.00
LPMF010CLiquid Powder Mineral Foundation - Natural Beige$79.00
BBC1BB Cream - Light$69.00
BBC2BB Cream - Medium$69.00
BBC3BB Cream - Medium/Deep$69.00
BRS110Brightening CC Cream SPF20 - Fair$69.00
BRS107Brightening CC Cream SPF20 - Light$69.00
BRS108Brightening CC Cream SPF20 - Medium$69.00
BRS109Brightening CC Cream SPF20 - Medium Deep$69.00

Foundation Refills

PMPR03BRefill Minerall Pressed Powder Foundation - Shell$35.00
PMPR04BRefill Minerall Pressed Powder Foundation - Cream$35.00
PMPR05BRefill Minerall Pressed Powder Foundation - Tender$35.00
PMPR06BRefill Minerall Pressed Powder Foundation - Sand$35.00
PMPR07BRefill Minerall Pressed Powder Foundation - Sunlit$35.00
PMPR08BRefill Minerall Pressed Powder Foundation - Toast$35.00

Eye Shadow

Eyeshadows Refills for Stands, Compacts & Pallettes

QC03Eyeshadow refill - Brazilian Nut$19.00
QC001Eyeshadow refill - Bronzite$19.00
QC01Eyeshadow refill - Cashmere$19.00
QC046Eyeshadow refill - Cocoa Quartz$19.00
QC09Eyeshadow refill - Dusk$19.00
QC016Eyeshadow refill - Gold Minx$19.00
QC012Eyeshadow refill - Indigo$19.00
QC029Eyeshadow refill - Peach Quartz$19.00
QC048Eyeshadow refill - Peach Topaz$19.00
QC06Eyeshadow refill - Pink Water$19.00
QC027Eyeshadow refill - Platinum$19.00
QC012Eyeshadow refill - Sandstone$19.00
QC002Eyeshadow refill - Tourmaline$19.00
QCME07Eyeshadow refill - Twig$19.00
C059Eyeshadow refill - White Gold$19.00
C060Eyeshadow refill - Concord$19.00
C332Eyeshadow refill - Lava N/M$19.00
C370Eyeshadow refill - Shifty *NEW$19.00
C371Eyeshadow refill - Nugget *NEW$19.00
C352Eyeshadow refill - Champagne Bubbles$19.00
C353Eyeshadow refill - Purple Night$19.00
C358Eyeshadow refill - Lucky Penny$19.00
C363Eyeshadow refill - Apricot$19.00
C365Eyeshadow refill - Hazel$19.00
C366Eyeshadow refill - Ultramarine$19.00
CM2001Eyeshadow refill - Purple Clay$19.00
CM2006Eyeshadow refill - Pebble$19.00
CME04AEyeshadow refill - Roselle$19.00
CM213Eyeshadow refill - Black$19.00
C058Eyeshadow refill - Evergreen$19.00
C058Eyeshadow refill - Evergreen$19.00
VBP04Eyeshadow refill - #Whatever$19.00
VBP05Eyeshadow refill - Bar Code$19.00
VBP08Eyeshadow refill - In Too Deep$19.00
C055Eyeshadow refill - Caramel$19.00
C303Eyeshadow refill - Rosy Tan N/M$19.00
C063Eyeshadow refill - Bauble *NEW$19.00
C064Eyeshadow refill - Brownstone *NEW$19.00
C062Eyeshadow refill - Trinket *NEW$19.00
C372Eyeshadow refill - Denim *NEW$19.00