Alluminus COVID-19 Guidelines

As members, we have received communication from the New Zealand Association of Registered Beauty Professionals and the Ministry of Health , about what safe operation looks like for Beauty Therapists, and have created a 'Covid-19 Alert Level 2 Policy Document' which will direct how our clinic operates under Alert Level 2.

The intention of this document is to create an environment that helps to stop the spread of Covid-19 and keeps our clients and staff safe.

The directives include:

YOUR APPOINTMENT: Please come to your appointment alone, it will be strictly one-on-one.

SCREENING: Our receptionist Meghan will screen for risk factors of Covid-19 at the time of booking, and you will be sent a text message the day before to confirm.  Please if you are unwell in anyway cancel and reschedule your appointment.

NON-CONTACT THEROMETRE:  Available at the front desk to test staff and clients if needed.

ENTERING THE CLINIC:  We would prefer clients to wait in their car and our therapists will come and wave for you to come into the clinic or send you a text. We ask that only one person be seated per lounge suite in our reception area, an additional white seat is available at our manicure table if not being used, this is to ensure social distancing.

CAR PARKS We have 2 spaces at the back of our clinic and spaces available at the front of the clinic.

COVID-19 CLEANING SURCHARGE for each appointment charge.  Due to health regulations for our industry, we must adhere to a mandatory 15 min cleaning buffer after every treatment.  Due to this and ensuring the hygiene of clients and staff, to offset the time, we have made the decision to place a 10% Covid-19 surcharge on all appointments. We understand these times are not normal and we want to be able to continue to look after all our clients and ensure that Alluminus Beauty Therapy as a business continues to thrive and survive.

HAND WASHING/SANITISNG:  Once you have entered the clinic please use the hand sanitisers provided throughout the clinic and make your way directly to the bathroom to wash your hands.  Your therapist will collect you and take you to the treatment room, if not please take a seat, remembering social distancing and await your therapist.

WHEN EXITING: Please sanitise your hands on the way out of the Clinic.

CONTACT TRACING: We have registered for a client tracker app which communicates directly to the governments Covid 19 website.  We also have our beauty software system which provides all booking information.  There will be an additional Clinic Log at the reception desk in paper form, where the details of anyone who enters our premises who does not have a booking will be taken upon entry.

CLEANING AND SANITISING of all common areas and any surfaces which are touched will occur frequently throughout the day.

LAUNDRY: at Alluminus we have always used professional laundry services, this will ensure that all our linen is professionally cleaned and safe for use.

DISPOSABLE PAPER SHEETS: will be used and placed over the treatment bed – this ensures thorough sanitisation processes between clients.

BLANKETS: will not be used, we will have our heat pump going throughout the clinic, towels will only be used on top of clients for facials and massage and immediately placed in laundry bags for collection.

PPE: please do not be alarmed when you arrive for your appointment and your therapist has safety glasses, a mask, and gloves on.  The advice we have had from the Ministry of Health is that "if a patient has been screened and there is no exposure of body fluids no mask is required".   However, Latasha has made the decision that for now all therapists will wear the above mandatory PPE.

REFRESHMENTS: there will be no herbal tea, coffee, or water available and in the interests of environmental impact we have opted NOT to supply disposable cups for water, so please bring your own bottle.

NO MAGAZINES: and brochures will be out for use.

TESTERS: we ask that you do not touch any of the testers and simply ask one of our staff to assist.

LATE NIGHT AND SATURDAY: appointments, we ask that all clients enter at the back of the clinic, use the hand sanitiser as you walk in, then straight to the bathroom (first door on right) and wash your hands thoroughly.  Then make your way to the reception waiting area.

CONSULTATION FORMS: for new clients or skin consultations, we have created online google forms and the link will be attached to an email, as pen and paper are no longer allowed.

FEELING UNDER THE WEATHER:  we ask that if you feel unwell in any way coughing, sneezing, have a high temperature to please call or email the clinic and reschedule your appointment, for when you are well again, and we will do the same.

We are all looking forward to getting back to a new sense of normal and doing what we love - helping all our amazing Alluminus clients to continue to look and feel amazing.

As the world continues to navigate our way through the virus we have been vigilant in ensuring that your skin, health and wellbeing along with our small business continues to thrive, giving the love, care and results that Alluminus has always been known for.

If you have any questions about how Alluminus Beauty Therapy is operating, at Level 2 or would like to read our Alluminus Alert Level 2 Document please give us a call.

We are all so proud of all New Zealanders for getting this far in the fight against Covid-19, and with some care and common-sense we can open up businesses safely while continuing to work towards elimination in NZ.

Be safe and be kind x Team Alluminus x