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Derma Pen

Micro Needling/Skin needling, also known as Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT)

Utilising the most innovative, advanced, and trusted needling device Derma Pen #4

Dermapen is the original microneedling pen, which uses the latest technology to improve the look of wrinkles, scars, pigmentation, stretch marks and more. While all microneedling devices have been designed to boost the collagen and elastin production in the skin by stimulating a healing response, the outcome you’ll achieve will greatly differ depending on the device and technique used. When it comes to an in-clinic device (which go deeper into the skin than home rollers), this is where the unique benefits of the Dermapen4 come in.

Dermapen4 draws on years of experience, millions of dollars of research and only the most advanced technology and design – meaning greater precision, speed, safety, and features with each new device. The Dermapen4 generates 104% more than the average microneedling device. This is due to the smaller, greater number of needles oscillating at 110 revolutions per second (and as a bonus, less pain for your treatment!) working to create additional, tinier micro-injuries at an adjustable depth, and ultimately optimising skin rejuvenation results.

Alongside the Dermapen, Dp Dermaceuticals Skincare is specifically designed for use both in Dermapen Microneedling treatments and your home care routine to enhance and maintain skin results. Each product has been carefully created for deep skin infusion using only the highest quality actives. ⁠Dp Dermaceuticals is a results-driven skincare product, that can be used as part of your everyday regime, regardless of whether or not you have had rejuvenation procedures such as a microneedling.

Derma Pen is an advanced device which requires in-depth training and ongoing training so you can rest easy knowing your Alluminus skin aesthetician has you in safe hands.

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Advanced Skin Treatments, Alluminus Beauty Therapy
Advanced Skin Treatments, Alluminus Beauty Therapy

L.E.D. Light Emitting Diode

LED a light emitting diode, on the visible light spectrium switching cells to function as they naturally should. Promoting healing and skin rejuvination, developed by NASA we thank you as this has then translated into safe, effective skin treatments for you.

Also treats Eczema, dermatitis, herpes simplex, psoriasis

Observ Skin Diagnostic Device

This Observe device speaks your skins truth, it allows our skin experts to see beneath your skin layers, enabling correct treatment care and home care leaving the guess work out.

For a truly unique, profound understanding of what is really going on beneath we recommend our Observe skin diagnostic device.

Advanced Skin Treatments, Alluminus Beauty Therapy

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