Advanced Skin Care Machines

L.E.D. Light Emitting Diode

Healing and rejuvenating skin cells to produce amazing results. LED is effective on its own and can be added onto all facials excluding the Derma Pen advanced treatment.  Nasa technology LED is the ultimate way to transform your skin.

20 mins


Added to a facial


L.E.D. Course

2x weekly for 4 weeks


3x weekly for 4 weeks



Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive procedure that removes built up dead skin cells. It also uses a suction technique which helps to drain the facial lymph nodes of harmful toxins. This enables your skin to breathe, brightens your complexion and improves the signs of ageing.

Microdermabrasion (30 min)


Microdermabrasion added to a facial


Mini Microdermabrasion Course

Buy two and get the third half price

Microdermabrasion Course

Buy five and get the sixth free

Infusion: Electro-Mesotherapy

Infusion technology. Safe and effectively, infusing vitamins, minerals and amino acids into the deeper layers of the skin.

Face Infusion

45 mins


20 mins

as add-on to a facial

Infusion Facial Course

Buy 7 get the 8th free

Body Infusion

One treatment

60 mins

Infusion Body Course

Buy 7 get the 8th free

Derma Pen

Micro needling/Skin needling, also known as Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT)

This treatment uses fine and very tiny needles using the advanced Derma Pen 3 needle device (soon to be upgraded to derma pen 4) they are punctured into the skin creating controlled puncture wounds; this in turn creates stimulation in the production of collagen and elastin cells, healing and plumping of the skin.

In addition to the Derma Pen, different serums with vitamins and other beneficial ingredients can be applied to penetrate a lot deeper giving maximum results. This treatment is claimed to be more beneficial than laser resurfacing, chemical peels and plasma injections plus many others.

Derma Pen can treat many different skin conditions such as; Acne, pigmentation, rosacea, scarring, stretch marks, uneven skin textures as well as providing advanced anti-aging results.

LA Lift; this treatment can be done in addition to the face and consists of taking the Derma Pen through the scalp to create a lifting effect. This is a safe an alternative to a surgical facelift procedure.

Derma Pen is an advanced device which requires in-depth training and ongoing training so you can rest easy knowing your Alluminus Therapist has you in safe hands.  We sourced our Derma Pen from ProBeauty, the leading New Zealand distribution company of beauty products and advanced education. (they are the sole distributer of Derma Pen in New Zealand).

Payment options available

Derma Pen treatment (45 mins)


Buy 5 get the 6th free


LA Lift - 60 mins

Treatment inculded the face and neck area as well as the scalp

LA Lift added to a Derma Pen

(scalp only)

LA Lift alone - (buy 5 get the 6th free)

30 mins