Our team of industry leading experts at Alluminus warmly welcome you to our Destination Skin and Beauty Clinic.

All Therapists are nationally and nationally trained and qualified Beauty Therapists; they are all put through advanced training when entering the team at Alluminus. They are trained in our advanced medical skin cares, body care and our advanced machines also including the world renowned Derma Pen procedure.

Latasha Boyce
Owner | Skin Aesthetician

Beauty is my passion! It all began at the age of 13, when I had my first EVER eyebrow shape! The transformation and increased self confidence in just one treatment was priceless. This switched on a light within me, it was to say the least, a game changer! I made it my mission in life, to do everything I could to create that same feeling which I experienced, for our clients. Giving this exchange of self esteem, confidence, timeout and care, to as many people as I possibly could, has been my driving force.

Since the start, the ever evolving and changing beauty industry has ignited, inspired, awakened and allowed me to keep achieving more and more for our clients. Continually bringing cutting edge technology, holistic care, ritual experiences, clean beauty and ingredients to our amazing Alluminus clients, always.

I have been lucky enough to have travelled parts of the world, working on cruise ships. Gaining greater knowledge and experience within the industry, that I bought back when I returned to New Zealand.

It was my absolute dream to open my own clinic, my vision, to become Wairarapa's Favourite Skin and Beauty Destination.

Skin is the largest organ in our body, it literally is the reason we are alive, yet most people spend more time and money on their hair and it's dead! It should be lovingly nurtured and cared for, so that our energy, mind, body and soul can be nourished, always. My purpose is to treat each individual with the care and attention that we all deserve, to replenish their energy and allow their cells to bloom!

I have the highest of standards within Alluminus, to ensure that each client always receives the care, attention and service they deserve. I constantly continue to research, so that we as a clinic keep offering the latest trends and treatments in the beauty industry that align with our clinic vision.

All our staff are qualified and highly trained, with continued training and upskilling throughout the year both in clinic and at registered industry training providers.

Until we meet, take care, be safe and keep smiling, your cells will love you for it xxx Latasha.



I decided to enter the beauty industry over two years ago after becoming intrigued by how quickly and favourably my skin responded to even the most basic of treatments. As the health of my skin improved, I also noticed a real lift in my self-confidence and outlook on life. My innate desire to help people prompted me to explore ways to share what I had discovered. Nothing now gives me more pleasure than seeing someone’s confidence grow with something as simple as a facial – it really is the highlight of my day and I love watching them bounce out the door feeling relaxed, recharged and ready to take on the world. I look forward to meeting you soon!



What drew me to the industry was the feel-good factor that therapists can create for clients and the ability to help nurture their sense of self-esteem. Being of fair complexion I was always very self-conscious of my eyebrows. After getting these done I experienced a real boost in my self-perception and my self-projection. I wanted to recreate this transformation in others.

More technically, it fascinates me that no two skins are the same and each requires a unique regime to bring out its best features. The range of products, treatments and holistic ethos used by Alluminus caters to a broad spectrum of skin types and I can’t wait to meet you and see what treatments will bring out the best in your skin. Come on in and start your transformation to stunning skin!



Meet Eleni, our Clinic Coordinator. Eleni brings to the Alluminus team valuable professional experience in both the cosmetic and beauty industry and excellence in customer service.

Eleni has a very warm, friendly and approachable personality about her. Eleni is typically the first point of contact for all our clientele.

A self-confessed lover of all things beauty, Eleni brings passion and knowledge along with superior organisational skill, ensuring your experience with Alluminus is of the highest standard.